Crack Sealing Services in Connecticut

We Will Maintain Your Asphalt Pavement and Protect it Against Cracking and Other Costly Repairs 

Protect Your Asphalt Paving Against Cracking

Exposure to rain, snow, and sun is the biggest enemy of asphalt paving.

To protect your investment, it’s important to take steps to prevent cracking and other costly damages. 

Our crack sealing services will help guard your asphalt against pavement deterioration. 

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Crack Sealing Provides Countless Benefits

As asphalt is exposed to the sun, the oxidation from UV rays results in separation and shrinkage of the asphalt’s surface. Once cracks begin to form, water penetrates the asphalt. As it trickles down into the subsurface, it begins to soften it. 

If this isn’t addressed right away, those areas of the asphalt will begin to fail. One large crack can soon get larger, cause additional cracks, potholes, and other costly repairs. 

Invest in Crack Sealing

Crack sealing works to prevent these types of scenarios from happening. It helps to preserve any pavement that is next to the cracks, extending the life of the pavement by minimizing crack growth. It also prevents stone, sand, and dirt from getting into any open cracks, causing stress on the asphalt. 

If you seal the cracks early, you can extend your pavement’s lifespan and prevent other damage from occurring. 

J Davis Paving works with you to create a maintenance plan for your asphalt. Our team cleans the area of any debris before applying the crack sealant, helping prevent any further erosion to the surface of the asphalt and damage to the structural integrity. 

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If you have noticed cracks beginning to form on your asphalt, don’t delay. Addressing them early will prevent them from expanding and causing further damage. 

Contact us for a crack sealing estimate. 

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