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Asphalt Millings Services

If you’re looking for an affordable yet sturdy option for your driveway or parking lot, asphalt millings may be the way to go. 

Asphalt millings are crushed recycled asphalt. They have the same characteristics as gravel or fresh asphalt but provide different advantages. 

Our team at J Davis Paving will evaluate your project and budget, providing the best recommendation for you. 

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Recycled Asphalt Options

When old asphalt is removed, it is taken back to a plant and crushed to make asphalt millings. The asphalt often comes from airplane tarmacs or interstates. It is a rock-like material that makes for versatile construction substances. 

You can save a lot of money by using asphalt millings, even when compared to a gravel driveway. It doesn’t kick up any dust when driven upon, packs tighter, withstands the elements better, and begins to harden over time. Millings require less maintenance than gravel driveways and last more long-term. 

Millings are more budget-friendly since you don’t have to invest in the cost of processing and transporting new material, and any additional costs for traditional asphalt paving. 

Eco-Friendly Option

Asphalt millings are comprised of recycled materials, making for an environmentally friendly option. The carbon footprint is lower than with fresh asphalt. 

Less Maintenance

Regular asphalt paving requires regular maintenance, including inspections, crack sealing, and blacktop sealing. You don’t have to worry about that with asphalt millings. Once they’ve been compacted, asphalt millings only require occasional grading and re-compaction. The cost of that tends to be less expensive than the upkeep for asphalt paving. 

Withstands the Elements

Asphalt millings are tough and can stand up to extreme cold and heat. It’s more porous than concrete or asphalt, making it drain more efficiently. 

Explore Millings – Crushed Asphalt Today

Look into asphalt millings when exploring your driveway and parking lot options. The durability and budget-friendly material makes for a long-lasting product. 

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