Seashell / Natural Stone Driveways in Connecticut

We Help Design and Install Seashell / Natural Stone Driveway Options in Connecticut

Explore Natural Stone and Seashell Driveway Designs

If you love the quintessential New England look of a crushed seashell or natural stone driveway, J Davis Paving can help you create that look at your home. 

Our team will work with you to design something you love that will withstand the elements. 

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Recreate the Classic Cape Cod Look

Crushed shells are an affordable and extremely effective option for driveways and walkways. When they’re bought in bulk, they can be budget-friendly.

As the shells get broken down by being walked on or driven over, they will start to break down into smaller pieces. These will create a very compact and sturdy surface, perfect for a driveway or walkway. They do require a bit of upkeep, with the shells needing to be replenished periodically. 

Nothing creates a more stunning effect than a seashell driveway. Don’t worry about them giving off any unpleasant odors. Our high-quality shells have been thoroughly washed before being laid down. 

Natural Stone Options for a Driveway

Gravel or other types of natural stone are another option for your driveway. Gravel is defined as being small, loose, and fine rocks that come in a variety of textures and colors. Depending upon what your landscaping and home exterior look like, you’ll find an option that doesn’t clash with what’s already existing on your property. 

Gravel is perfect for the top layer of a driveway but will require an edging material to keep the small pieces in place. 

Pea gravel or Jersey Shore gravel are two popular options. If you’re looking at rock, river rock, marble chips, or crushed stone are other potential options. 

Explore Unique Driveway Options Today

Whether you want to create a seaside vibe at your home with a seashell driveway or something with a more natural look, J Davis Paving can help guide you through the selection process. 

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